Our Mission

The study club was organized to promote the maintenance and advancement of the highest standards and quality of the science and art of osseointegration through regular continuing education in cooperation with schools and other organizations. Currently, the study club’s goal is to provide a platform of open communications about the science of osseointegration and implant dentistry bringing together the evidence-based and clinically-based information for all implant systems for the benefit of long-term success for totally and partially edentulous patients.

The study club will continuously evaluate the various osseointegration systems and evaluate long-term success and complications of both the implant and restorative outcomes.

The members put to practice the highest quality of service using the best standards established by the latest research and clinical observations of their patients. The members and guests are encouraged to continue their clinical research and educate other professionals with the objective to elevate the services of implant dentistry to the highest level of excellence.

It is the goal of the study club to educate its members, students, and guests in the surgical and restorative principles of osseointegration. With the advancement of technology and introduction of multiple implant systems, the purpose of the study club format is to evaluate and compare the scientific evidence of the new systems with the clinical evidence of success observed in the systematic recall of patients in the private practices of its members. Clinical, scientific investigation, and documentation are equally important in the effort to improve the esthetic and functional long-term success of implant assisted and supported dental restorations.

With continuous study, along with the sharing of experiences and knowledge, evidence based information will advance the art and science of implant dentistry.